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  • Anna Pollock

    Anna Pollock

    International tourism consultant, acclaimed speaker, founder of Conscious.Travel

  • Mark Turrell

    Mark Turrell

    Author ‘Scaling’ / WEF YGL & Tech Pioneer / Tech Entrepreneur / Prof Strategy

  • LucasZ


    Founder @Positiveblockchain.io, Lead Europe @Verity Tracking. Blockchain for SDG, climate, social impact

  • Erika Solimeo

    Erika Solimeo

    Environment & Ocean Activist & Researcher. Water & Nature-rights focused. Opening minds to the Future of Food. @Ffoodinstitute #FutureFoodKnowledge

  • Karim Alexandre Howard

    Karim Alexandre Howard

    Product management / tech / the envionment

  • rachel sinha

    rachel sinha

    Co-Founder @SystemSanctuary and @TheFinanceLab, Alumni @THNK_org #systemschange for people and planet

  • Nicholas P. Sullivan

    Nicholas P. Sullivan

    Nicholas P. Sullivan (nicholas.sullivan@tufts.edu) is a Senior Research Fellow at Fletcher (Tufts) Maritime Studies Program, focusing on innovations in fishing.

  • Karan Pinto

    Karan Pinto

    Entrepreneur, Technologist & Innovator | Venture Building x Innovation | Quantum Computing x Sustainability | Investing | Dance x Movement x Mindfulness

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