• Isabelle Colcombet

    Isabelle Colcombet

  • Natella Speranskaya

    Natella Speranskaya

    Russian philosopher, cultural scientist, a specialist in Antiquity, curator of Janus Academy.

  • Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom

    Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom

    Founder of social impact agency Thousand Heroes. Helping companies create social impact and tell their story of change. www.thousandheroes.com

  • Lee Mac Arthur

    Lee Mac Arthur

    I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at http://myideaofparadiseetc.blogspot.com or http://thoughtsonteachingmath.blogspot.com

  • Marlon Kamagi

    Marlon Kamagi

  • Iain Robertson

    Iain Robertson

  • Annmarie Rizzo

    Annmarie Rizzo

  • Laís Grilletti

    Laís Grilletti

    Escritora e contadora de histórias, autora do livro Minu e a cidade sem tempo. Escreve histórias infantis que, vez ou outra, caem nas mãos dos adultos.

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