COP27 shows new and better future possible with innovation at the ‘centre of a just transition’

By Marc Buckley on 16th November 2022

Photo by Kai Dahms on Unsplash

Didier Toubia is the co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms, a cultivated meat company growing slaughter-free beef steaks directly from cow cells.

At COP27 to promote the role of innovation in building towards a better future, Didier says he wants to see regenerative practices at the heart of global food systems.

“What is important for us at COP27 is to put innovation at the centre of the just transition,” he said. “We believe that to optimise the food system as a whole, we need to drive the transition from conventional farming to more regenerative practices.”

What makes Didier #ACopHalfFull looking to the future is that, though he believes “male leadership has failed food systems”, he says the impact being made by the high numbers of “women and youth involved” at COP27 is feeding his optimism that the world is shifting into safer hands.

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