Consumers in a dilemma

Marc Buckley at Brennpunkt Nahrung conference Nov. 2019

Extract from original article in German from bionetz 08. November 2019

The 5th Brennpunkt Nahrung (Focus on Food) conference on November 5, 2019 in Lucerne focused on many questions about the needs and wishes of consumers. We attended the event and reported on four interesting lectures.

Markus Johann // Which trends do consumers react to and how are they influenced? What are the best tools to motivate consumers to really act as they say they want to? What does the nutrition industry offer to meet the core needs of consumers? How can good food stories unlock dreams and create trust? Eight selected presentations were given on these questions. Lively discussions took place among the around 250 participants during the breaks.

Global nutrition imbalance

The food and beverage expert and ambassador of the United Nations for the goals of sustainable development, Marc Buckley, made an impressive comparison of the pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. This is 500,000 times more powerful than that of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima — note that per day! This parable clearly shows how alarming the earth’s atmosphere is and that we really need to act now. Innovations are urgently needed today, such as “Solar Impuls” from Bertrand Piccard — for new propulsion technology for flying. “We cannot produce anything without our biosphere,” said Marc Buckley. July 29th was the so-called «Earth Surplus Day» of that year. After this day we will live on credit at the expense of future generations. And every year this date is a little earlier.

We eat up the earth

Especially when it comes to nutrition, we are in imbalance because we are literally eating up our world. Agriculture is mankind’s oldest industry and is valued at around $ 13 trillion today. Every year we transport more food, sometimes over long distances. For example potatoes from northern Germany to be washed to southern Italy and then washed back to northern Germany. A rethinking with drastic changes of direction is therefore urgently needed. Innovations and cleantech as well as processes and procedures that no longer damage our earth so much have a future. In the case of food waste, for example, more methane gases are generated when the excess food is burned than when it is produced. Marc Buckley closed his talk with a quote from Professor Ivie Corey: “If we do not change our direction, we will destroy ourselves”. At the end of the lecture, more hopeful tones were heard. For the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, Buckley had portraits of the presidents of the major industrialized countries shown on the screen. The message of John Lennon’s song is: You may think I am a dreamer, but I am certainly not the only one. A world in love and peace is doable!

Marc Buckley is on a mission to empower Billions of Global Citizens to live an Adaptive Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability within planetary boundaries.

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